Gov’t launch $7 million rice project

Gov’t launch $7 million rice project
A rice farm.

The government of Northern Bahr el-Ghazal has launched a$7 million rice scheme project in Aweil.

State Minister of Agriculture, Anei Deng Akok, said the funding will be used for the construction of a 25-mile road inside the sschem and to maintain irrigation systems and the canal.

“This is one of the country’s largest agricultural scheme projects, which will be supervised by the national and state governments,” Deng said.

“The governor, Ngor Tong, and his government are happy to inaugurate the Aweil Rice Scheme and to maintain the internal roads,” he added.

Deng said the construction and maintenance of internal roads to facilitate movement within the scheme and treatment of irrigation systems and the canal would help increase rice production in the area.

“The Aweil Rice Scheme consists of 11 million feddans, equivalent to (4853 metres), and 1 feddan was equal to 25 sacks of rice previously, but due to climate change, fertilizer and other factors, that number has decreased to 12 to 8 sacks,” Deng stressed.

The Aweil Rice Scheme was established in the era of British-Egyptian rule in 1956.

It experimented with the cultivation of rice and dura. The production was however uneven and later on, stopped due to the civil war.