Governors must make things right this time

Governors must make things right this time

Towards the end of November, President Salva Kiir presided over the opening of the seventh governors’ forum with key observations. The head of state warned the state governors and chief administrators against reinventing their own leadership rules. For the purpose of clarity, The City Review will quote President Kiir’s words just to lay the emphasis on how deep and well-crafted they sounded.

“I am reliably informed that some of you do not govern your states according to the constitution and law,” he said.

 He then added, “Apparently some of you do not hold cabinet meetings; there are conflicts between the executives and the state assemblies, which makes the states unstable.”

He was not done with them. He later added, “Again, some of you are not implementing the agreements on the resolutions of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan the way they are supposed to be, and that is causing problems between the parties to the agreement.”

“On the high-level standing committee for the implementation of the agreements, no governor has the right to dismiss or suspend anybody from their position just because he or she is from another party.”

The forum may have ended yesterday, but the warning by President Kiir should earn its place in the history of this year’s forum because, if left unheeded, it could come back to haunt some of the administrators.

This is not to peddle fear but to remind the administrators about their core constitutional duties to deliver to the people. Besides this, there are recommendations that have been made to round off the forum. Keen eyes have realised that in most cases, the forums are normally held, but the leaders who are entrusted with the implementation of the recommendations fail to fulfil their sides of the bargain. This is a perfect opportunity to right the wrongs.