Governor Manytuil survives assassination

Governor Manytuil survives assassination

The governor of Unity State, Joseph Manytuil, escaped death after his convoy was attacked at the Barkuor-Ngol River in Bentiu.

According to the statement seen by The City Review, one soldier died on the spot while other top military officers sustained injuries. The governor was unhurt.

“Monday, January 20, 2024, at around 11:00 a.m. in the Barkuor-Ngol River SPLA-IO garrison under the command of Major Gen Turuk Khor and Maj Gen Gathuol Thak, governors conveyed and wounded the Director of Wildlife Services, Maj Gen Matal Gai, SSPDF military intelligent commander of the fourth infantry division, and injured other servicemen; one SSPDF soldier was killed on the spot,” the statement partly read.

The Unity state government condemned the act and called on the SPLM-IO commands to hold those behind the act accountable.

On separate occasions, the SPLA-IO accused the SSPDF of attacking their base in one of the areas in Unity State.