Governor Manytuil calls for peace among communities in Warrap, Unity States

Governor Manytuil calls for peace among communities in Warrap, Unity States
The governor of Unity State, Dr Joseph Nguen Manytuil. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Governor of Unity State, Dr Joseph Manytuil, has hailed his Warrap State counterpart for apprehending alleged suspects of Mayom County killings.

“The government of Unity State is indebted to complement your patriotic quest for peace and bring justice to the victims of Yiet incident in Turalei Payam of Twic County,” he said to the governor of Warrap State, Aleu Ayieny Aleu.

“My government and the people of Unity State commended your government for apprehending the prime suspects to ensure that perpetrators are identified, apprehended and punished for their crimes.”

Manytuil issued a statement yesterday urging bereaved families to shun revenge and allow the government of Warrap State to ensure the administration of justice.

“I appeal to the bereaved families to refrain from actions that may undermine the government’s efforts and allow justice to take its course,” Manytuil concluded.

Call to action

On Wednesday, Members of Parliament who hail from Mayom County, appealed to the national government to serve justice for the perpetrators of the road ambush that left seven people dead. The incident took place on Tuesday, May 17, between Molbang and Majoknoon in Turalei County of Warrap State.

The lawmakers further called for blood compensation to the families of the deceased civilians.

“The perpetrators must be brought before Justice and accountability, and blood compensation of those who were killed in the above-mentioned incidences,” read the statement from the lawmakers.

The MPs further called for the government to form a committee to investigate inter-communal violence between Warrap State and Unity State.

“The national government to form committees to investigate the continuous inter-communal violence between Warrap and Unity State (Mayom County),” the statement continued.