Governor Lobong preaches peace in his tour of conflict-prone Kapoeta

Governor Lobong preaches peace in his tour of conflict-prone Kapoeta
Eastern Equatoria State Governor, Louis Lobong refutes corruption allegation by The Sentry at a press conference in Juba in 2020. [Photo: The City Review]

Eastern Equatoria State governor Louis Lobong Lojore is in greater Kapoeta to address the recent inter-communal fighting in the area that left about 300 people dead.

Earlier this month, a group of armed youth from Tennet, Buya and Murle jointly carried out attacks in Kapoeta North County and raided 15,000 cattle.

The attack left 280 people dead and 104 others wounded after one week of intensified fighting.

Addressing Journalists in Kapoeta on Thursday upon his arrival to the area, Governor Lobong called on the youth of the area not to take the law into their hands.

“I am urging the Kapoeta North and the South Counties to remain calm and not to take laws into their hand,” Lobong said.

However, he blamed the three communities of Murle, Tennet and Buya for carrying out a joint attack against Kapoeta North County.

Lobong is companied to Kapoeta by the minister of peace building Marko Lokidor Lachapio, Minister of Finance Peter Lokuju Lotirmoi and the Chairperson of Toposa Community Union Paul Napwon Yoane.

The governor is expected to visit Kapoeta North County and Napak area of Budi County to address the Buya youth over their recent attack in Kapoeta.

 “We will also be going from here to the youth of Buya to stop raiding and also to stop combining themselves in attacking their sisterly counties,” Lobong said 

Lobong blamed the armed youth from the three communities for attacking the Kapoeta North which he said resulted in hundreds of loss of lives.

“I came with some political leaders from Torit the purpose is to pay condolence to the relatives of the victims of the combined raid which was conducted against the people of the Kapoeta North.

Since then the state government did not come and talk to the conflicting communities with the advance team,” he stated.

Lobong said there are plans underway to hold a peaceful dialogue between Buya, Didinga and Toposa to solve the issues of cattle raiding in the area.