Governor Jadalla urges commissioners to promote agriculture

Governor Jadalla urges commissioners to promote agriculture

The governor of Central Equatoria, Augustino Jadalla, urged the commissioners to promote agriculture in their various counties.

Governor Jadalla noted that serious engagement in agriculture and enough food production could bail the country from the ongoing economic crisis.

The Governor’s Press Unit revealed that Jadalla met with several county officials and emphasised the need for the citizens to be fully engaged in agriculture.

Jadalla told a Yei County Community delegation headed by the County Commissioner, Aggrey Kanyikwa, to take agriculture seriously, promising that the state government would stand with all the counties.

“Governor Jadalla calls on Yei communities to form an agricultural cooperative society to fight for food security in the state,” the statement read.

He stressed that it is upon the government and partners to support returnees who are coming back from neighbouring countries.

The governor also called for the unity of the people, who should understand each other even if they come from different parties but are from Central Equatoria State.

South Sudan’s economy majorly depends on oil to the tune of around 90%. However, due to the crisis in Sudan, the economic situation continues to worsen amidst government efforts.