Governor calls for refrain after Nimule attack, wants cattle keepers evacuated

Governor calls for refrain after Nimule attack, wants cattle keepers evacuated
Governor Louis Lobong Lojore and gubernatorial guards move with goats recovered after being stolen by criminals at Hakuma-Mafii on December 23, 2021. (Photo credit: Eastern Equatoria State Gubernatorial Press Unit)

​The Eastern Equatoria State Governor Louis Lobong Lojore has called on the national government to ensure that all cattle keepers in Nimule and other parts of Magwi County leave the area.

“And for those who wish to stay in Nimule and other parts of Eastern Equatoria State are allowed to remain on condition they become law-abiding and citizens of Eastern Equatoria State.”

In a statement released this morning, Governor Lobong said the government and people of Eastern Equatoria State will never accept the provocations imposed on th​​em by peace spoilers.

He was reacting to the killing of a local chief in Nimule on Monday.

John Ebele Alex, the Madi chief was shot dead in Nimule town yesterday while attending a fund-raising meeting for the burial of two people who were killed in Mugali Payam on Sunday.

The governor called on the people of Eastern Equatoria State to exercise maximum restraint and to continuously look forward to building a peaceful, united South Sudan free from conflict and tribal animosity.​​

Lobong stressed that the government was doing all it can to bring the culprits to book.

“We call on the people of Madi to remain in their areas and those in the refugee camps should come back and rebuild their lives in the country. There are people who have all intentions on your land,” he said.

“We know that these provocations are aimed at diverting our goals-oriented attention of transforming our state into becoming a peace hub and investment destination in the Republic of South Sudan. We will remain committed to walking the path of peace and nation building,” Lobong said.

“I call on the national government to urgently intervene to avoid the almost daily loss of lives in the Nimule corridor and disruption of the movement of people and goods in the country by making the Dinka Bor cattle keepers leave Nimule and other areas within Magwi County.”

Governor Lobong said there should be no parallel administration where the “Dinka Bor” are having chiefs in Nimule and conducting court cases out of the already established local government in the area.