Governor Aleu promises to weed out all illegal arms

Governor Aleu promises to weed out all illegal arms
Governor of Warrap State Aleu Ayieny Aleu shakes hands with President Salva Kiir. [Photo: PPU]

The Governor of Warrap State, Aleu Ayieny Aleu, has committed to mop out all illegal guns from civilians by the end of July 2022.

Ayieny made this commitment to President Salva Kiir on Monday in the presence of SPLM Interim Secretary-General, Peter Lam Both, and the Minister for Presidential Affairs, Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin.

The Warrap State boss revealed that the county has so far recovered over 5,000 arms from civilians, since the start of the disarmament exercise was initiated in the area.

The governor, while delivering security report to Greater Tonj Community Peace Conference, noted the political and security situation in Warrap State and Abyei Administrative Area has significantly improved.

He said he had talked to the people of the Twic Community and they promised to respect the cessation of hostility agreement they signed with Dinka Ngok


Last week, thousands of guns were surrendered to the Warrap State Government when the governor visited Tonj North County, said state Minister for Information, Ring Deng Ading.

The exercise came after Aleu declared disarmament in the state to end the inter-communal conflict and cattle rustling in Warrap in March this year.

He instructed soldiers to carry out their mandate and deal with civilians who resisted the directive, Eye Radio reported.

“We need to remove guns from the hands of every civilian. Any civilian resisting disarmament, a soldier has the right to defend him or herself, if they refuse to hand over their guns,” Aleu stated.

The next month, April, about 37 guns were voluntarily surrendered in Tonj East County of Warrap State, according to County Commissioner, John Deng Kok.

Twic Dinka of Warrap State and Dinka Ngok of Abyei Administrative Area had been locked in conflict over the ownership of Aneet/Agok resulting in the loss of lives and properties.

This prompted Kiir to form an investigation committee in March 2022 to find a lasting solution to the crisis. So far two senior politicians from both communities have been accused of fueling the conflict in the report released by the investigation committee.