Governor Aleu lifts taxes on food stuff

Governor Aleu lifts taxes on food stuff
Food stuff

Warrap State Governor, Aleu Aieny Aleu, has lifted taxes on all food items being imported by the government from Sudan.

Already 3,550 sacks of sorghum have arrived in the state capital, Kuajok, from Sudan to subsidise food prices in the market.

‚ÄúCitizens and regular forces should respect the delegation of drivers who brought sorghum from Sudan, and no policeman should take any taxes on the streets.”

Aleu said the sorghum that was brought to the state is not a relief to the people of Warrap but rather will be sold at subsidised prices to the citizens.

“This sorghum will be taken to stores in the market and will be sold at cheaper prices to the citizens of the state, and I demand all the regular forces to watch and transport sorghum to the six counties of the state.”

Governor Aleu said an additional 5,000 sacks of sorghum are expected to arrive in Warrap from Sudan in coming days.

He has directed the regular forces to ensure the food is sold to citizens at low prices.

“We also demand people to monitor stores that sell at cheap prices, and every citizen will take their share of sorghum.”

However,  the representative of the drivers who transported the sorghum to the state, Saddiq Nasir Al-Din, decried the bad state of the road.

“The streets are very bad and need maintenance, but we arrived safely, we were received in Kauajok in a good way, and South Sudan is a beautiful country.”