Governor Aleu cuts short treatment abroad to deal with rising insecurity

Governor Aleu cuts short treatment abroad to deal with rising insecurity
, Aleu Ayieny Aleu cut short his treatment in Egypt to come and address rising insecurity in Warrap State. [Photo: Mamer Abraham]

Warrap State Governor, Aleu Ayieny Aleu was forced to cut short his medical appointments in Cairo come and sort out the run away insecurity in the state.

The governor returned to Juba on Monday, June 4, and is set to fly to the capital, Kuajok, to look into the conflict that took place while he was away.

“It was unfortunate that I had to travel for treatment and that such a thing happened. I would like to thank the government also, for sending the security. I will probably join them soon,” said the governor.

“I just came out of treatment, and I just feel okay now. I would have remained there for some time, but because of the situation in Tonj, as well as in Twic, I had to come. I think if I were to be there, this thing wouldn’t have happened. “

Aleu assured communities in the state of maximum protection after the deployment of the army, adding that voluntary disarmament must continue and change the mindset of the communities to focus on various sources of livelihood.

“I appeal to the community that guns must be removed.” For your protection, there is now enough army in the area,” he added.

He consoled the families of the soldiers who lost their lives during the recent conflict in his state.

On June 30, the governor sent his condolence message to the bereaved families while still undergoing treatment in Cairo.

He promised that his government would “leave no stone unturned.” He warned politicians of fuelling conflict among communities.

“As was directed by Salva Kiir, the President of the Republic of South Sudan, and the Supreme Commander of all organised forces, this unfortunate incident has reinforced once again our commitment and resolve to end impunity and to remove the guns in the hands of our civil population,” he stated.

“By working together in the spirit not of self-position seeking interest, shall we show our respect and honor to the memory of our soldiers who laid down their lives in Rualbet Payam, in their attempt to restore the rule of law in Tonj.”