Governor Adil gives Juba Mayor thumbs up to crackdown gangs

Governor Adil gives Juba Mayor thumbs up to crackdown gangs
Central Equatoria Governor Anthony Adil when he hosted juba City Mayor Allan-Jabu. [Photo: Governor’s Press]

The governor of Central Equatoria State (CES), Emmanuel Adil Antony, has urged the Juba Municipal Council Mayor, Michael Allah-Jabu to continue dealing with members of organised gangs. Adil promised to support Allah-Jabu in the process.

‘‘Governor Adil has today re-directed Mayor Allah-Jabu to intensify its efforts on cracking down of criminal gangs, beautification, cleanness and expansion of road connectivity within the City,’’ a statement from the CES read on Twitter.

‘‘He re-assured Mayor of his political will in consolidating some of his plans for the City.’’

The Council on Friday last week nabbed over 500 youth suspected to be members of outlawed ‘Toronto’ and ‘Niggas’ criminal gangs. 

The JJC added that it was trailing 10 other criminal gangs whose members had been terrorising the members of the public.

“Those arrested will be sent to different states to work for agricultural production until the government makes a reformatory for them because most of them are underage,” read a statement from Allan Jabu’s office.