Governor Abudhok tells IDPs to return home

Governor Abudhok tells IDPs  to return home
Upper State Governor Abudhok Anyang Kur.

The governor of Upper Nile State, Abudhok Anyang Kur, has called on the internally displaced people sheltering in the camps to return home.

Governor Anyang made this plea when he met the IDPs who have been sheltering at the protection of sites of civilians in Makalal since the onset of the conflict in 2013.

He was accompanied by his deputy, Aung Awer Lual, Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Anyoti Adigo; and the Chief Whip in the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly, Rebecca Jeshua.

Speaking to The City Review from Malakal town on phone, the state minister of information, Luke Saadallah, said Mr Adigo informed the IDPs about the impacts of the Russian war in Ukraine and how it has completely changed the general situation in the world regarding support for the refugees and IDPs.

“The world is now suffering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war, and this will reduce or stop the aid provided by international organizations to developing countries, so we must turn to agriculture to confront this crisis,” he said.

In the same context, Saadallah said the leaders inspected the conditions of the Upper Nile citizens residing in the camps and urged them to return home.

 “Residence in the camps is unhealthy with the rain season, so you must return now to your homes because the security situation is stable, and if you find anyone in your homes, you must inform the government to take action.”

“The necessary legal measures are taken against them, and I will talk with the organizations operating in the state to provide in-kind assistance to those in need,” Saadallah added.

Also, Saadallah said the state government approved the outcomes of cabinet session No. 10, which contains four agendas.

He said the first agenda was about security, and the second was presented by the Minister of Youth and Sports, and it deals with his plan to organise the Olympic Games in the state.

“The third paper was submitted by the minister of health, and it was related to health licenses and the distribution of medicines in the state. The fourth and last paper was submitted by the minister of agriculture, which is a report on agricultural tractors,” explained.