Government to start mapping undiscovered oil

Government to start mapping undiscovered oil

The government is considering a seismic survey to map undiscovered oil underground.

Puot Kang, the petroleum minister, stated that he has requested the Governor of Western Bahr el Ghazal, Sara Cleto, to give the ministry space at Wau Airport, to facilitate the activities.

He revealed this during a presentation of his ministry’s report at the sixth Governors Forum on Thursday.

Puot said the ministry had purchased and registered three aircraft: one for petroleum geophysical and seismic activities and the other two for spraying pesticides on agricultural farmlands.

 “We bought a plane for seismic survey. We want to start mapping from Warrap, Aweil, Western Bahr el Ghazal, and the areas of Lakes States. We all say we have oil there but we cannot be sure until we have done our work and the plane is ready at the airport here in Juba,” Kang stated.

However, he called for the expedition of the review process through the enactment of the Petroleum Revenue Management Act to ensure economic diversification.

Kang added that his ministry was working to optimise the value of petroleum resources and to benefit current and future generations through smart investment in infrastructural projects.

Also, the ministry plans for refineries, the exploration of alternative routes for the evacuation of crude oil, construction of depots for storing refined petroleum products for domestic consumption.