Government to investigate COVI-19 upsurge in Jonglei

Government to investigate COVI-19 upsurge in Jonglei
Covid-19 virus strand. [Photo: Courtesy]

The national ministry of health has resolved to send a health team to Nyirol County to investigate an upsurge of COVID-19 cases, the authorities of Jonglei State confirmed.

This came after the state ministry of health on Thursday confirmed 28 cases of COVID-19 in Nyirol County.

Jonglei State’s Minister for Health, Atong Kuol Manyang, said the rise in COVID-19 cases warranted swift remedial intervention.

“There is an urgency for the team to go to the ground as there is a sharp rise in the number of reported cases which is serious, worrisome, and needs an intervention to rule out anything else besides COVID,” Atong said.

She appreciated the swift response from the national ministry of health and the tireless efforts of Nyirol County Commissioner, WHO, MSF, and the health cluster.

Atong urged residents in Jonglei State to adhere  to COVID-19 prevention standard operating procedures (SOPs) and those with symptoms to go for testing.

“In the meantime, we are asking Jonglei citizens to adhere to Covid 19 preventive measures; those with suspected symptoms to go for testing; encouraging those who have not taken Covid vaccine to do so; and will continue with contact tracing,” Atong said.