Government bans Lady Kola’s alleged abusive song

Government bans Lady Kola’s alleged abusive song

Juba County Court temporarily banned Lady Kola’s song titled “small girl”

Akuol Zachariah Elias, also known as Lady Kola, released a song that stirred up mixed public views, with some people terming it abusive.

According to the statement seen by The City Review, signed by Judge Lual Chuai Deng, the public has been warned against playing the song whether in private or in public.

“The court has ordered the banning of the song (little girl) in all social media, public and private places, official media houses, and nightclubs temporary with effect from November 6, 2023, the statement partly read.

The court further directed the concerned authorities to implement the order without compromise.
“The judiciary of South Sudan is here instructing all relevant authorities to implement and comply with the order immediately with effect from the said date,” it read.

Early this month, the Juba High Court adjourned the case of singer Lady Kola to December 6, 2023, after she arrived late for the hearing.

The renowned female singer, famously known as “Shankar,” was first jailed in August when a Juba-based lawyer, Josephine Adhet, filed a case against her for her song “Little Girls.”

According to lawyer Adhet, Lady Kola’s song title, “Little Girls,” was explicit and immoral.