Girl who was neglected by parents appeals for support to finish studies

Girl who was neglected by parents appeals for support to finish studies
Abiong Ajak, 18, who is a former senior three student, now calls for help to accomplish he dream. [Photo: courtesy]

A former senior three student of Saint Andrew Secondary School in Jonglei State is appealing for financial support to pursue studies.

Abiong Ajak, 18, was forced to drop out of school as her parents could not pay her fees.

“I have been struggling to study, for which my parents have been beating me for going to school,” she said.

“When I wanted to study during the nursery and primary levels, I was denied [the chance] by my father because he wanted only boys to study and stopped me from going to school.”

Abiong said that despite being denied access to education at an early age, she sneaked to school until her father gave up the restriction.

She added that, “those children who were prioritised by my father later dropped out, but I continued up to the senior three.”

Abiong stated that her dream to become a finance officer is sinking and appealed to well-wishers to support her to complete her secondary school.

“My mother is alone without a brother who can support me, and my paternal uncle does not have money. So, if you are there and you have the capacity to help me, I will be grateful because I am so determined to study,” she said.

She wants to study for a bachelor’s degree in finance after completing her secondary school. South Sudan is among the countries still grappling with educating the girl child, with little progress made in the communities. Recently, Greater Pibor Administrative Area registered one female candidature for senior four examinations.