Girl, 7, injured during rescue from abductors

Girl, 7, injured during rescue from abductors

A 7-year-old girl is nursing a gunshot wound in Torit hospital after she got injured in a scuffle while being rescued from abductors.

She was abducted from Ofiriha village in Kudo Payam, Torit County, on Wednesday on her way to school.

Isaac Mamur Okeny, the chairperson of Ofiriha Community, said the suspected Murle armed men ambushed the children on their way to school.

“There are children who are studying in a certain school in Ofiriha here. When these children were trying to cross to the side of the school, unfortunately, they found some unknown men and they started chasing them.”

“After chasing the children, they caught one young child because she could not run faster,” he explained.

Mamur said the other children ran back home and reported it to the youth, who immediately pursued the abductors.

“When we found them, we started exchanging fire with them, and after we clashed with them, they left the child after she was injured.”

He said the 7-year-old girl has been taken to Torit hospital for treatment as the mission to pursue the attackers continues.

Meanwhile, Torit County Commissioner, Jacob Atari Albano, urged the youth to be vigilant and report any suspicious characters for prosecution.

“We are condemning what had happened and it’s a bad thing. I don’t know what the people of Pibor are thinking because the people from Eastern Equatoria State cannot cross to Greater Pibor Administrative Area to abduct children.”