Girl, 17 dies while giving birth

Girl, 17 dies while giving birth

​A 17-year-old girl died while giving birth in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area, the official has confirmed.

 The baby was safely delivered by the doctor at Pibor Primary Health Care Center.

Tony Thopia Ujulu, the state’s minister for ​​health said the delivery was conducted by a midwife who could not control the excessive bleeding.

“She was over bleeding, unfortunately, she passed away while doctors were still running blood tests before they could do blood transfusion,” said Ujulu.

“According to the system, we have the traditional birth attendance. They were trained to assist the delivery at home, but they are few and they lack necessary tools to deal with emergency cases,” added the minister.

The official is encouraging pregnant mothers to deliver at a health facility.

“So pregnant women should visit the facility irregularly to monitor their condition and when the time of delivery comes, they should go to the hospital to be assisted by the doctors and nurses,” Tony stressed.

Ujulu, however, said poor infrastructure and insecurity within the area are also making delivery of health services to the people very difficult.