Gen. Matur: South Sudan mourns as liberation hero takes final bow

Gen. Matur: South Sudan mourns as liberation hero takes final bow

South Sudan plunged into a sombre mood after the death of Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol, the former governor of Lakes State and SPLA fighter, who died in Juba after a long illness.

According to the official communication from the Lakes State government, Gen. Matur passed away at a hospital in Juba on Tuesday after a long illness.

Matur was remembered by his co-liberators as one of the outstanding figures whose contribution to the course speaks for itself.

The governor of Lakes State, State Rin Tueny Mabor, noted in a statement seen by The City Review that Lakes State and South Sudan had lost a great man who left an impact on society and the country.

He added that the late Matur was an intelligent officer who always succeeded in his liberation assignments until South Sudan became independent.

“Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol joined the Liberation in 1984 and was a shrewd SPLA military officer who fought and led various successful battles under his command, with his last SPLA assignment being the commander of Lakes State Independence Area Command in 2002-2005,” Rin said.

The governor noted that the late served Lakes State perfectly and brought a lot of changes to society, including peace and development.

“General Matur Chut, the governor of Lakes State in 2013 and governor of Lakes State and Governor of Western Lakes State in 2021, respectively, led his people with distinction and honour,” he said.

Rin sent his condolences to the family, adding that the state government would work hand in hand with the family to ensure that the fighter and hero is laid to rest.

“The Lakes State government, together with the family of Gen. Matur Chut, will work together to ensure that he is accorded the befitting departure of the patriot and veteran that he truly is,” Rin said.

Meen Gabriel, one of the prominent young politicians of the SPLM, said the late Matur was a hero who fought a war of liberation until independence. He added that Matur, whose tactics in the war were successful, stood as a reliant pillar for the commander in chief of the SPLA, Dr. John Garang.

“Gen. Matur Chut is a revolutionary fighter, freedom fighter, and warrior of good who liberated our country, South Sudan,” Meen said.

He added that Matur was a fighter who faced what other men in his generation feared, adding that it is what encourages the masses and fighters on the frontlines to fight harder and win battles since they were led by fearless men.

In the political arena, Meen described the late Matur as “a library for the young” because the SPLM politician was always ready to be consulted and he would generously give the history of the movement that empowers youth with knowledge.

He said the SPLM party would continue to miss his service, having been a point man for the party leaders to consult during the hard times with the hope of getting immediate solutions.

“Our party, SPLM, and South Sudan lost a great man, an honest and outspoken leader in the rank and file of SPLM/A,” he said.

The late Matur was not only a trained soldier and administrator but also a man who focused on development.

Just after the completion of the liberation of South Sudan, Gen. Matur invested his time in developmental activities, especially whenever he was trusted with government positions.

As governor of Lakes State, he managed to build the first modern building as the governor’s office to replace the old British building in Lakes State.