Gap in financial support threatens electoral preparations- poll regulator cautions

Gap in financial support threatens electoral preparations- poll regulator cautions
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​Lack of voter education and deficiency of human power are some of the challenges the National Electoral Commission (NEC) is grappling with ahead of the 2024 polls.

“How [do we] prepare for free, fair, and credible election with these huge challenges,” Abednego Akok Kacuel, NEC chairperson said.

Abednego, who spoke on Wednesday, November 23 during the 5th Governors Forum, said that his office is seriously concerned by the slow nature in which the electoral process is being handled, adding that the country risk running into serious challenges if nothing is done within the stipulated time.

“The most important [thing] is the establishment of the headquarters of National Election Commission, then [offices] in the ten states.

With exactly 25 months to the long overdue elections, the commission is yet to set up a fully functional office at the national as well as state levels. This, Abednego warned, could jeopardize the much-awaited exercise that is expected to be the end result of the transitional government.

According to the plan, an electoral commission was supposed to have been established by September 2022.

“They are not there now because of the war they have been abundant,” Abednego said.

He added that the commission also lacks vehicles and warehouses for the storage of electoral materials.

Abednego further urged the partners to join hands with the government to fund the activities of the commission.

His comment came barely a day after President Salva Kiir said that there was a lack of commitment from peace partners hence derailing the whole process.

South Sudan is supped to hold its first election by December 2024.