Futuyo says gap in funding, facilities slow development

Futuyo says gap in funding, facilities slow development
Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba, Western Equatoria State Governor, speaks in a past function. [File photo]

The governor of Western Equatoria State, Alfred Futuyo, appealed to the national government to support his administration through increased budgetary allocation and extra facilities to improve service delivery.  

Futuyo, who addressed the Seventh Governors’ Forum in Freedom Hall in Juba yesterday, lamented that his government cannot fulfil some of its mandates due to a lack of adequate funds and the existing gap in facilities.  

According to Governor Futuyo, there are inadequate cars for constitutional post holders and few qualified personnel in almost all the government institutions in the state. He attributed this predicament to a lack of funds.

He added that there are poor road conditions linking counties to the state headquarters due to inadequate budgets assigned to the state.  

“Poor collection and remittance of local revenue due to poor road conditions, interference by National Revenue Authority in the state resource revenue, and unauthorised excessive numbers of roadblocks created by organised forces affect economic growth in the state,” he lamented.

Futuyo further added that the presence of Ambororo nomadic pastoralists from Chad in Kozi of Maridi County and an armed youth group known as Anikpigbe around Source Yubu pose a security threat to the state.

According to him, the farms of two counties—Mundri and Maridi—have been destroyed by heavily armed youth from Bor.

“Destruction of crops in greater Mundri and Maridi County by cattle from Bor, deliberately driven into the farms by heavily armed herders,” Futuyo said.

Futuyo appealed to the National Government to allocate funds for the rehabilitation of roads linking 10 counties with state headquarters.

The governor also demanded that the national government allocates a budget for the construction of office blocks for the newly created ministries and independent commissions, besides the purchase of office furniture, equipment, and cars for the constitutional post holders.

The Seventh Governors’ Forum will end in the coming week and it has provided platform for state governors to brief the country the development progress in their areas of jurisdiction.