Futuyo fights off money laundering suspicions as state officials nabbed

Futuyo fights off money laundering suspicions as state officials nabbed

The National Security Forces from Juba apprehended three suspects in possession of a machine for printing counterfeit U.S. dollars in Western Equatoria State on Thursday.

 The arrest took place in an unfinished building associated with the area governor, Alfred Futuyo.

According to the report by the Acting Director of Public Relations at the National Internal Security Bureau, George Luate, the suspects are key administrators in the governor’s office. The press statement identified them as William Juma Jamal and Alex Martin.

Governor Futuyo’s press secretary, Alex Digi, issued a statement appreciating the “efforts of National Security in safeguarding the nation” after the incident.  

He praised their diligence and commitment to combating internal crime, emphasising that the suspects acted in an individual capacity and should be treated as such.

“The arrests took place in an unfinished building linked to the governor, which the suspects allegedly used for their illicit activities, while the suspects are officers in the governor’s office, their actions were not connected to the administration,” he said.

Mr. Digi suggested that the incident was a set-up by individuals aiming to tarnish Governor Futuyo’s image and leadership.

Mr. Digi urged the National Security Agency to continue its investigation and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book.  

“I call upon the security to continue with the investigation and make sure the culprit faces the law to avoid further reputation damage,” he stated.

The scandal has raised concerns about security and trust within the governor’s office and the broader implications for governance in Western Equatoria State. The ongoing investigation is expected to uncover more details and determine the full extent of the involvement.

This incident underscores the challenges faced by South Sudan’s leadership in maintaining integrity and public trust amid allegations of corruption and crime. The outcome of the investigation will be pivotal in restoring confidence in the state’s administration.