Fund sports, Maduot tells oil investors

Fund sports, Maduot tells oil investors
Gen. Augustino Maduot, the President of the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), speaks at the Oil and Power conference in Juba. [Photo credit: SSFA]

The President of the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), Augustino Maduot, is appealing to the oil industry investors to contribute some of their profits to the sports industry.

He said investors’ participation in sport is vital in bringing the diverse social groups together and improving the social cohesion and inclusion of minority groups in the country.

According to Gen. Maduot, it is disgraceful for an oil-producing country like South Sudan, which commands a pool of oil investors, to fail to fund sports activities.

“The entire future of football in South Sudan is about infrastructure, and out of that, we have only one improved pitch in the country (Juba), which is Buluk Ground, apart from the Juba Stadium,” Gen. Maduot said during the second day of the South Sudan Oil and Power Conference 2022 in Juba.

‘‘What are they (oil investors) doing for young South Sudanese who want to play football and participate in other sports games?’’  he posed.

Maduot said that heavy investment in sports industry would provide young people with the chance to develop their full potential as football players.

In May this year, SSFA initiated a fundraising effort to aid the contests of the national squad, Bright Stars.

The goal of the campaign was to generate at least $2 million for Bright Stars’ budget for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier which will get underway with a match against the Gambia in Senegal.

He said most areas are lacking state of the art sporting facilities and it would be crucial to institute such.

“[Areas in] Upper Nile like Malakal Palouch, Melut and Renk, have a large number of sports clubs and desperately need stadiums.”

“Now we have a FIFA calendar that is supposed to be played across the states of the country but in places like Malakal and Paloch, the oil producing areas, due to a lack of support,” the SSFA President stated.

He said lack of funds was affecting the bid to finance the development of coaches, referees, and administrators.

According to him, sports are useful for fostering authority and good citizenship, encouraging the growth of fair play, and teaching self-discipline.