Fuel shortage hit Rumbek, stations closed

Fuel shortage hit Rumbek, stations closed
Most fuel stations have shut down operations for the last three days citing lack of fuel.

The fuel suppliers in Lakes State have shut down their stations in Rumbek over the increasing dollar rate.

The town has been experiencing fuel shortage for the last three days, said William Kogi Kirgok, State Minister of Youth and Sports who doubles as acting the Minister of Information.

“The owners of the fuel stations said that they closed due to high prices and they want to make their fuel prices in proportion to the price of the dollar in Juba,” he said.

“They want to equate it to the costs they pay on the way. This is because there is no choice for them, the dollar is high and the road to Bahr el-Ghazal is closed.”

William said linked the causes of high prices in the state to the closure of the Juba-Bahr el Ghazal road, saying all trucks transporting commodities have stopped bringing goods to Rumbek.

 “The state government cannot go from Rumbek to Yirol to Oirial, and the traders also closed all their fuel stations because they are afraid to sell their fuel at a loss because of the high dollar in Juba. So, they want to discuss this matter with the state government first and then open their stations.”

According to the minister, the fuel suppliers want to increase the prices of the fuel but they first want to agree on the rate with the government.

William said the state minister of finance and the minister of commerce are in discussions with the fuel-supplying companies to find an appropriate solution.