Fresh cattle raid in Duk County leaves 13 dead

Fresh cattle raid in Duk County leaves 13 dead

13 people died on Tuesday evening after armed criminals believed to be from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area attacked a cattle camp near Padiet in Duk County, Jonglei State.

The criminals raided over 7,000 herds of cattle but the animals were later recovered after a night of battle.

The chairperson of Duk Youth Association in Jonglei State, Noble Leek Goi, said the incident occurred at midnight. Among those killed were three women while three others were wounded.  One child under the age of 10 years old was recovered after the youth engaged the criminals in a night-long battle.

“Among the people wounded, two are in critical conditions. One was a child shot in the head,’’ Leek said, adding that the incident caught the residents by surprise given that such attacks have so far been rare in the area.

Leek added that the government had not done anything to provide security for the people. He lauded the peace agreement for the Greater Pibor Administration which was midwifed by the government but maintained that it was one-sided because Jonglei State residents are respecting the peace deal while their GPAA counterparts are flouting it.