Forest Whitaker: Famous Hollywood star who played Idi Amin is in town

Forest Whitaker: Famous Hollywood star who played Idi Amin is in town
Forest Whitaker played Idi Amin in the movie “The Last King of Scotland”.

Forest Whitaker, the Hollywood star who played Idi Amin in the famous movie “The Last King of Scotland” – is in Juba.

The American actor, filmmaker, and activist is the CEO of Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative, a Sport for Peace and Social Cohesion Foundation.

He has appeared in a lot of movies, including The Godfather of Harlem, Taken 3, and Star Wars. He won an Academy Award for best actor in a leading role for his portrayal of the charismatic and brutal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland (2006).

The actor who watched the Africa BAL championship in Rwanda over the weekend has been running a series of activist projects in many poor countries as a way of giving back to society and charity.

He has recently opened a new Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative in Seine-Saint-Denis, meant to bring business, communication, and conflict resolution skills to the young people of France’s poorest region.

Free classes are being offered in a small space with big ideas in Aubervilliers, outside Paris, according to AFP France.

“I would see in some of their eyes this look… a look that I knew from when I remember gang members from my neighbourhood” in Los Angeles He said, “I started trying to figure out how to fix that.” In the end, “I knew that the only way to really find peace was to work together as a society and to work together on the ground.” Whitaker said, as reported by France’s AFP

As a renowned actor, Whitaker has portrayed a dictator, a Mafia hitman, and a butler, which have turned out to be some of his most inspirational roles. He has also started directing movies to tap into his directory bank.

He is currently in Juba and is set to launch a series of organizations that, according to him, are hell-bent on transforming the lives of the people.