Foreign drivers banned from public service vehicles

Foreign drivers banned from public service vehicles
A female traffic police officer directs rush hour traffic in Juba. [Photo: Spencer Spatt/Getty Images]

You will not be allowed to drive a public transport if you hold alien documentations, police have said.

The Traffic department’s Director-General Kon John Akot issued the directive prohibiting all foreigners driving from operating any form of public transport vehicle in the country.

“If there are foreign businessmen who have public transportation vehicles and want to work in the country, they should give them to drivers and patriots, and not drive public transportation vehicles themselves,” he directed.

Akot said that any foreigner who wants to obtain a driver’s license must first obtain a residence certificate as per the requirements for the companies.

Such documents can be acquired from the ministry of labour, and the department of Criminal Investigation Unit.

He said the details would help the Traffic Department the foreign drivers easily for law enforcement.

“If the foreigner meets all the requests we mentioned, the traffic department will directly grant him the driver’s license immediately,’’ he said.

He attributed this to the need to tame rogue drivers causing accidents that mostly involve water trucks and motorcycles.

That South Sudan drives on the right is another reason which, according to Akot, makes it necessary to re-train the foreigners.

He directed the traffic police officers to lead a crackdown on motorcycles, cars without license plates, cars with tinted windows, and cars with temporary or expired plates. 

He warned water truck drivers against speeding in the neighbourhood adding the lot has caused a lot of accidents which would have been avoidable. 

He said that as a result of these cultures of impunity on the roads, criminal elements are taking advantage of it to kidnap innocent people, mostly women.

 He appealed to other law enforcing institutions not to interfere with the directorate as it plans to clean up the sector.

‘‘If we arrest a foreigner who has violated traffic laws, some national officials ask us to release him,” he lamented.