Floods displace households in Mundri after rains

Floods displace households in Mundri after rains
Some of the affected areas in Greater Mundri Counties [Courtesy Photo]

The leaderships in Western Equatoria State have raised alarm over serious flooding in Greater Mundri counties after torrential rain that hit the area left hundreds of locals homeless. 

The counties have been experiencing heavy downpour in the last three days, resulting in severe flooding, destruction of houses, crops as well as hampering transport system.

Zilipha Dawa, the Mundri West Commissioner, said the water levels are rising faster every single hour and there is concern that this could result in even more displacement of people.

An estimated 300 households are said to have been affected in the three counties of Mvolo, Mundri West and East.

“We are worried because we do not know what will happen next.” The levels of water continue to rise and all those residing near the streams have already been affected,” she lamented. 

“Their belongings have gone, crops are destroyed…” and they will have nothing to eat,” she added. 

She appealed to the humanitarian organisations to help the flood-affected people with basic needs.

“Urgent action is required to assist vulnerable communities that have already been displaced in recovering from its harshest effects.”

The affected households have been relocated to the compound of Mundri Christ Cathedral Church as the county authorities make every effort to secure the required assistance. 

Felix Bali, a member of parliament in Reconstituted Transitional Legislative Assembly representing Mundri East County, issued a similar plea, describing the situation as critical. 

The lawmaker requested that the ministry of humanitarian affairs and disaster management instruct the appropriate agency to conduct an immediate evaluation and provide affected people with food, shelter and medical care.

“There is an urgent need for intervention for this disaster. The counties of Greater Mundri, that is Mvolo, Mundri West, and Mundri East, are severely hit by flooding that destroys houses, farms, and livestock in these counties.” 

“Now people are displaced and living under trees and churches with their children,” MP Bali wrote on his official Facebook page.

Fears compounding

Last week, Yeri Diocese Bishop John Abraham said the situation in Mvolo County was worse.

He appealed for a quick response from both the governmental and humanitarian agencies.

“The entire population of Yeri Payam has been forced out of their homes and they are suffering. People have nowhere to settle,” he said.

“It is only the home that has been created with poles that have managed to stand to this point, although it washed away the mad.”

The increasing flood across the country prompted President Salva Kiir to appeal to humanitarian partners to provide short-term assistance to people affected by floods in the country.

The president also directed the ministry of humanitarian affairs and disaster management to come up with a short-term mitigation measure for the affected families.

“With thousands of people in dire need across the country, I am calling upon our humanitarian partners to work with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management to provide short-term assistance to those affected by these floods as we work to find a permanent solution to this natural disaster,” Kiir said.

Kiir empathised with families who had lost loved ones and property due to floods.

“Floods killed seven people in Majak-baai, Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, according to my office. On behalf of the government, I convey my heartfelt condolences to their families,” he said.