Five South Sudanese children brutally killed by robber in Uganda

Five South Sudanese children brutally killed by robber in Uganda
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At least five South Sudanese children were brutally slaughtered by an unknown robber in Luwero District, Uganda, on Saturday.

Sources told The City Review on Sunday that the incident happened at around 7 a.m. in Luwero town, 60 kilometres away from Kampala City.

Paul Betim Kuol, a South Sudanese who lives in Luwero town, said that the robber went home as a guest and was accepted since he had told the children’s mother that he was hungry and needed something to eat.

He said that the woman was preparing porridge for her children to eat before going to school, but after that, he ended up killing the young ones.

“The Ugandan man went to the home that is rented by a South Sudanese family and was welcomed by the woman in the house. But because the woman was cooking porridge for her kids to leave for school. The visitor was told to sit down as he waited for porridge because he said he was hungry,” Kuol said.

He added, “After the porridge was ready, the mother went back to see him in the sitting room. But the man was in the kids’ room and held a panga, telling the woman to give him money so that he could let the kids go,”  

According to Kuol, the robber demanded three million Ugandan shillings from the woman but she refused.

“So, the thief asked the woman to give him 3,000,000 million Ugandan shillings but the woman told him that there was no money. And then he started slaughtering all the five children in the house,” he explained.

Nyasunday Sudan, who also resides in the same neighbourhood, confirmed to The City Review that the robber was arrested by the police after killing the children.

“Yes, the thief was arrested by the police because there was no way he could run. The compound was surrounded by the neighbors and the police arrived when they were called by the neighbours. So, he is arrested!” she recounted.