Five of Dr Garang’s children are ‘unemployed’, VP Nyandeng says

Five of Dr Garang’s children are ‘unemployed’, VP Nyandeng says
Vice President Rebecca Nyandeng (centre) meets members of Embassy of South Sudan in Washington DC upon arrival (photo credit: Presidential Press Unit)

The Vice President for Gender, Youth, and Humanitarian Cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng said the level of unemployment in the country is alarming, adding that even her house is not spared.

Nyandeng, who is the wife to the late Dr John Garang, a former First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan, claims that only one of her five children is in formal employment.

“I understand your (youth) pain because I am a mother. I can see the level of unemployment even in my own house,” she added without giving much detail.

She added the country is still reeling from the effect of the 2013 conflict which she argued has contributed significantly to the high ballooning rate of unemployment.

VP Rebecca Nyandeng and her children.

“In my house, for example, I have six grown women and men, and five of them are not working,” Nyandeng talked of unemployment in the country.

She added that, as a mother, she is always aware of what affects the youth and the nation as a whole.

“A mother is the one who knows her child. If you are hungry or sick, your mother is the one who knows,” she says.

“We must something to improve the unemployment rate in the country,” she says.