Farmers cry out for modern equipment to boost productivity

Farmers cry out for modern equipment to boost productivity
Mundri East County is endowed with fertile soil and consistent rainfall that supports agricultural production. [Photo: Courtesy]

The farmers of Eastern Equatoria State have appealed to the authorities to provide them with modern tools to fight persistent hunger in the state.

The concern was raised during a two-day agricultural food show organised by the state government to link farmers with various stakeholders in the state.

Margaret Oliver, the head of farmers from Magwi County, applauded all the farmers who participated in the event.

“It is critical that we work and feed our country, as well as some other countries,” she said.

However, she said this would only be possible if the government provided them with the needed support.

“If the government helps us with the farming tools, is there really going to be hunger in South Sudan?” she posed.

“We shall feed the whole country, and we will also extend some food outside; can you imagine the good food our place has, like the bananas that are better than those imported from Uganda,” she posed.

She urged that the tractors being donated be given to the cooperative farming groups instead of the individuals.

Oyo Samuel, a farmer from Ikwoto County, urged the government to consider the complaints raised by the farmers to enable them improve the system of agriculture in the state. 

He said that through farming, they would be able to send their children to better schools.

Placid Komackech, the state minister of agriculture and forestry, urged the farmers from the eight counties to use ox-ploughs to increase the produce.

“All those animals over there should not only be for marriage, we need to use them for cultivation. “We are going to use an ox-plough to increase the production,” he said.

“We need to go for it we are looking for machinery such as tractors, which we cannot afford and which the ministry of agriculture cannot afford,” Komackech added.