Farmers appeal for aid as crops submerged in rainwater

Farmers appeal for aid as crops submerged in rainwater
A picture showing flooded farms in Lakes State. [Photo: Courtesy]

Farmers in Cueibet County in Lakes State are appealing for support as most of their farms are submerged after heavy rains pounded the area.

In an exclusive interview with City Review yesterday, Yar Dar, a leader and initiator of women’s farms in the area, said most of their farms were waterlogged and they were losing crops, especially groundnuts. 

“This current rain is spoiling our crops, mostly the groundnuts that we grew as a women’s group. They are all submerged and destroyed by the rain,” Yar said.

She called on the government to provide the farmers whose homes have been affected with seeds, tools and tents.

“We are rendered hopeless. Some of the farmers are even giving up due to this situation, but God is great. We shall work hard to ensure that the situation becomes normal, “she added.

“The work is really hard for those of us who grow groundnuts with sorghum.” “The negative impact of water on sorghum is not as great as it is on groundnuts,” she added.

What frustrates them most is that after it rains, and water drains off the gardens, subsequent rainfall causes even more problems.

Yar said farmers have tried to create waterways but in vain due to nonstop rain in the county.

“We are trying our best to see if we can create waterways for the water to pass through, but it is very hard. We need help from those who can help us, “she said.

She called on the government to develop a quick response to the flooded area to ensure that farmers do not give up on farming.

She added that the state government had created enough awareness among the residents of Lakes State and farming activities were embraced by everyone regardless of the current situation.

According to Deng Maluk, a resident of Cueibet County, heavy rain had been experienced in the area and most houses and farms were submerged.

 “Their livelihood is endangered as they are at risk of catching waterborne diseases,” he warned.