Ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell dies at 84

Ex-US Secretary of State Colin Powell dies at 84

The former US Secretary of State and a veteran military officer Colin Powell (pictured) has died. According to American media, Powell died of COVID-19 complications Monday morning aged 84. Reuters reported that his family had revealed that the former official was fully vaccinated, as per the requirements of the health agencies.

“We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American,” Reuters quoted his family says.

Powell leaves behind a rich legacy after serving as the first American of African descent to scale to the position of secretary of state not to mention other lucrative posts he served in under three Republican presidents.

After having served with the troops in the war in Vietnam, where he sustained injuries, Powell returned home to serve as the national security advisor under former President Ronald Reagan for two years.

He scaled to the rank of a four-star army general and managed to serve as the chairman of the military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff under the reign of President George Bush Sr in 1991 as

Washington engaged in the Gulf War.