Egypt to open up branches of Alexandria University in South Sudan

Egypt to open up branches of Alexandria University in South Sudan

South Sudan and Egypt signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish branches of Alexandria University in the country beginning this year.

According to the statement seen by the City Review, the ministers of higher education from both countries met in Egypt and revised the MoU with the hope of establishing branches in two locations within the country.

“South Sudan branch shall open two campuses, one in Tonj and the other in Juba. Tonj Campus will be opened first any time during the year 2024,” the statement partly read.

During the signing ceremony, Gabriel Changson Chang, South Sudan’s Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, said this cooperation will strengthen the relationship between the two countries in the education sector.

He argued that as a result of this cooperation, South Sudan would be able to gain a lot through the exchange programs at the university.

However, he did not outline when exactly the MoU would be effective but rather reiterated that it could start in 2024.  

Prof. Dr. Ayman Ashour, the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, Science and Research, hosted Chang and signed the MoU on behalf of the Cairo administration.

Meanwhile, Dr Anei Mangong Anei, the coordinator for the Alexandria University branch in South Sudan, hailed the MoU, saying it would bring hope to South Sudan and Tonj in particular.

“The signed MoU gave us full hope as South Sudanese and the people of Tonj in particular regarding its nearest opening,” he said.

He added that the operationalization of Alexandria University in Tonj is a long-awaited programme.