EES to probe revenge killings in Hiyala Payam

EES to probe revenge killings in Hiyala Payam

The Eastern Equatoria State government promised to form a committee to investigate the continued revenge killings in Hiyala Payam, Torit County.

On Friday, suspected armed youth from within the area killed two farmers, prompting a retaliatory attack where three women were killed and two more people injured.

Speaking to City Review in a telephone interview, the Commissioner of Torit County, Jacob Atari Albano, said before the recent incident, the two communities had been living peacefully.

“We will now use another strategy to calm the situation in Oguruny and it is a greater loss as two people from Iloli and four people from Oguruny confirmed the death,” he said.

“Many conferences have been conducted up to now. Nothing came out, but the conflict continues. The cause of the problem remains unclear. “

Meanwhile, the State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement, Peter Lokeng Lotone, said fighting between the two communities is likely to escalate due to continuous revenge.

“We need to look into it that we address this issue.” We wanted to go and find out the root causes of the conflict between the two communities. How did the problem come about? This is what the government plans to do, “he said. 

He said they were planning to form a committee to go to the area and talk to both communities, but if that was not possible, they would have to send the forces.

The minister called for peaceful coexistence among the communities so that they could find lasting peace.

“We as the government, have thought that we alone cannot solve the problems, but by coming together with all the civilians, we will make it best for our state to remain calm in terms of peace,” Lokeng said.