Eastern Equatoria State youth call for unity

Eastern Equatoria State youth call for unity
Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, Louis Lobong Lojore (left), National Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Albino Bol Dhieu, WBGS Governor Sarah Cleto, and Warrap State Governor, Gen Aleu Ayieny Aleu pose for a photo during the GSSR held in Wau on Staurday. [Photo: courtesy]

The Eastern Equatoria State Youth Union has called for unity and peaceful co-existence among the citizens amidst occasional clashes.

The president of the youth union in Eastern Equatoria State, Orupi David Uyek, urged the youth to prioritise peace and security.

“I am urging you, my fellow youth, now. I need peace and security to be prioritised according to the years extended for the transitional period.”

He appealed to the peace parties to graduate and deploy the necessary unified forces to strengthen peace and security and minimise the unnecessary threat of communal violence in the country.

Also, Orupi urged the government to create good infrastructure throughout the country to enhance and engage young people in agricultural activities to eradicate idleness.

 “We call upon the honourable governor to intervene and rescue our people from child abduction and communal fighting as youth are celebrating the day  they are not happy completely we need unity and peaceful-coexistence”  

He was speaking during the commemoration of International Youth Day yesterday in Torit. The day is always marked on August 12 to recognise the efforts of the youth in enhancing global society.

Mr Wani Bosco, one of the youths, called on the colleagues to work for peace in the state.

 “As the youth, we need to be very united as the youth of Eastern Equatoria State in particular and South Sudan at large, unity is very paramount,” he said.

On her part, the Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport in Magret Idwa Okuye called on the youth in the area to desist from criminals to bring peace and unity among the youth.

She said the only way to realize a peaceful environment is to cease criminal activities and urged the youth to be peace ambassadors in the area.

“And I knew the youth of the area have been blamed but I call upon you to desist from criminal activity as we are also hearing every corner is insecure who is causing this,” she asked.

“I am telling you today during your day that the only way to realize peace in our state and our country is through absenting ourselves from being near or along the high ways robbing people, killing,” Idwa stated.