Eastern Equatoria State admits error in scrutinising PLE results

Eastern Equatoria State admits error in scrutinising PLE results
South Sudanese students taking exams in a past Primary Eight national examination program. [Photo: Courtesy]

The Eastern Equatoria State Ministry of Education apologised to Magwi County for the errors committed in analysing the recently released Primary Eight exam results.

The Director for Quality Assurance, Lokulang Lokudu Faustino, said Magwi County was the best in the state in the recently released primary eight results.

“I truly confirm the error made by the constituted penal meant to analyse the state PLE result. I want to assure you here that it was Magwi County that emerged the winner for the 2022–2023 results,” Lokulang said.

Lokudu promised to correct the mistake and assured the parents of the candidates and the county authorities that he would do everything possible to rectify the problem.

He acknowledged the petition letter from the county education director regarding the technical mistake being committed by the examination panel leading to the announcement of the state result.

Earlier this month, the Eastern Equatoria State Ministry of Education announced the primary eight results, which put Nyabaa Kasmiro and Nancy Nakuro of St. Bhakita Girl’s Primary from Kapoeta East County in position one of the best ten pupils from the state. The duo scored 423 total points each.

From the announced result, none of the pupils from Magwi County featured among the best ten pupils from the state.

According to Magwi County authorities, in the original results from the national ministry of education, Zeinab Anyiri Saleh, a candidate from Magwi County scored 439 each.

Also, Brenda Ayenyo, who scored 438 marks, and Joseph Okello, who scored 436 marks—all from Magwi County—were not mentioned among the best 10 candidates.

This prompted Magwi County’s acting education director, Okullo Mark, to write a petition letter to the state ministry of education.

Mr. Okullo demanded clarification from the state ministry of education on the procedures and modalities used during state result analysis.

Magwi County executive director Morris Ladu Wani questioned the state ministry of education over the recent results, saying the result reflects a false outcome.

Morris Wani said good performances by candidates in Magwi County cannot be disregarded in such an inattentive manner.