Eastern Equatoria artists elect new leaders

Eastern Equatoria artists elect new leaders

The Members of Artists’ Union in Eastern Equatoria State elected Atari Johnson, popularly known as Big Hunter, as the new chairperson of the union and Alphonse John, also known as Rasta Music, as his deputy.

In the election held in Torit on Saturday, Johnson led with 36 votes, John came in second with 13 votes and another artist known as Royal Comedian came in last with seven votes.

The union also elected Amos Mairi, popularly known as Gear Boy, as the secretary-general with 30 votes, “Dogi Man” came in second with 14 votes; and Nabzee and Mamur Charles tied for third place with five votes each.  

Speaking after the election, Johnson commended the union for entrusting him with the task of leading the union.  

He promised to work together for the progress of the union and the artists in the state.

 “I really want to thank you very much for electing me as your chairperson…and I will never leave you behind, as I stated before, we shall work together for the progress of this union,” he said.

Olara James, one member of the artists union, welcomed the new body, saying it would sort out the problems facing the members.  

 “Today, we got our president… I want to tell them to lead us with a good heart. Let them keep us like chicks that their mothers keep them.”

He said the union should prioritise promoting the songs of the members.

“We join hands we work together as a team so that as the artists of Eastern Equatoria State we represent the county,” he said.    

The Director for Culture in the State Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports, Justine Thomson Ondogo, said the ministry was well prepared for the exercise after being informed about it back in last year.

 “I am very delighted today to witness this wonderful election, I know you people have been struggling since last year not from today and I have been attending the meetings that you people were doing,” he said.

He said for the union to be known well, there is need to have a representative attending the partners meeting every month at the ministry’s headquarters.

“Every month we are having our partners’ meetings for you to be known and I will ask your representative to attend these monthly meetings.”     

The positions of the treasurer remained unoccupied. The head of the union is to appoint a person to that office.