Dr. Igga tells Indians to invest in South Sudan’s agriculture sector

Dr. Igga tells Indians to invest in South Sudan’s agriculture sector
VP James Wani Igga. [File , City Review]

The Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr. James Wani Igga, has appealed to the Indian investors to consider cashing in on the country’s agricultural sector.

Dr. Igga promised a smooth relationship between South Sudan and India by establishing a partnership that would grow to integrate into world economic development.

He added that South Sudan was implementing free trade through the East African Community as well as robust infrastructural development.

Dr. Igga was speaking during the conclusion of the 17th confederation of India Industry Bank conclave-Africa growth partnership held in New Delhi

He hailed the contributions of the Indian government in South Sudan, stressing the importance of the India-Africa growth partnership to boost trade and investment.

In June, Dr Igga stated the government had a plan to install agriculture as the major tool to eliminate hunger in the country. He urged the citizens to embark on agriculture to increase food production.

“FAO has promoted the right to food as a human right, guaranteed in the constitution. Comprehensive livestock, fisheries, and aquaculture are structured already. Disparities in land access are one of the major causes of social and gender inequalities,” Dr. Igga said.

“And in South Sudan, I must add that our women are the most deprived in this regard, on access to land.”

The national minister for agriculture and food security, Josephine Lagu, confirmed that at least 4 percent of the arable land was used for farming in South Sudan.

 “The inauguration of the new building is yet another strong testimony in this country, and we put it to the recognition of peace,” Josephine Lagu said.

This year, most of the states such as Lakes, Central Equatoria, Northern Bahr el Ghazal, and Eastern Equatoria stepped up agriculture as the major source of livelihood and declared Friday and a public holiday mainly for farming among the civil servants.

Fighting corruption

In April 2022, Dr. Igga said the fight against corruption would lead in a quest for economic transformation by reducing transparency and accountability in the distribution of resources and public expenditure.

“The fight against corruption is particularly important as it impacts the poorest sections of society and generally benefits those already in positions of power,” he noted.

“Without reducing corruption, all development goals will be severely compromised. So at the heart of all these is combating corruption. “

When he cluster was named mentioned in corruption, Dr. Igga said the accounting officers holding government offices would account for malpractices.

“I think we can now begin to dwell on a steady promotion of the economy led by effective development,” he added.

“We must strengthen the parliamentary oversight of public expenditure. The public accuses us. We must hold the accounting officers accountable.”