Don’t interfere with internal church affairs- ECSS to gov’t

Don’t interfere with internal church affairs- ECSS to gov’t
Emeritus archbishop Daniel Bul.

The Emeritus archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, Daniel Deng Bul, has accused the government of meddling in church affairs. 

The senior cleric was responding to the decision taken by the government to grant permission to the defrocked Bishop of Jonglei Internal Province, Ruben Akurdid, to return to Bor.

Last month, the Minister of Presidential Affairs, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, granted permission for the cleric to return to Bor despite his expulsion from Jonglei State.

Akurdid told the congregation that the issue between him and the administration of ECSS had been resolved by the government.

However, according to Bul, the decision was like an attempt by some government officials to impose issues on them.

“If there are people who feel they have strength because they are in the government, I want to tell you, the [term of the government will end] but the church will remain.”

He added the ECSS has laws that regulate its functioning and these laws must be respected.

“If they were not to be respected then I would have refused to step down, but the laws of the church are part of the faith and it’s through your faith, you respect the law,” Emeritus archbishop Bul said.

The cleric was addressing a congregation after the return of the South Sudanese Anglican Bishops delegation to the Lambeth Conference on Tuesday

Justin Badi Arama, the Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, deposed Akurdid in 2020 and appointed Bishop Moses Anur as Archbishop of Jonglei Internal Province and Bishop of the Diocese of Bor.

Bishop Akurdid, on the other hand, denied his dismissal and exiled Anur, claiming he was unfairly dismissed.

Justin Badi Arama, Primate and Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan told the congregation that Bishop Akurdid was suspended from work.

“This is the dignity we want to restore to him.”

 “And for those who claim that the government has returned him, does the government put bishops or the government puts governors and ministers?’’ he posed.