Cultures, COVID-19 disrupt breastfeeding in South Sudan- study

Cultures, COVID-19 disrupt breastfeeding in South Sudan- study
A woman breastfeeding her baby. [Photo: Courtesy]


South Sudan is marking World Breastfeeding week with health support organisations calling on society to shun practices that could hamper the breastfeeding regime and malnourish the babies.

During the launch of the campaign dubbed “protect breastfeeding and share responsibility’’, Save the Children revealed that South Sudan is facing setbacks in the quest for breastfeeding campaigns due to cultural barriers and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Deeply-rooted socio-cultural practices and the outbreak of coronavirus have challenged the [need] to raise the awareness through group messages and to do counselling,” said Analo, during the campaign which was flagged in Juba on Tuesday.

He added much needs to be done through public health to enhance breastfeeding and build a better system in normal and crisis.

The objective of this year’s world breastfeeding week is to galvanise action on protecting breastfeeding and to anchor breastfeeding support as a vital public health responsibility.

Meanwhile, Right to Grow Manager, Joyce Akandu Ayome, said it is time to support the lactating mothers in South Sudan through proper nutrition and guidance.

“It is time to join put our effort together and go an extra mile of our comfort zones to support our sisters as well as wives and mothers to ensure babies get the best of break milk to reach their growth potential, “said Akandu.