Cracks at basketball court as officials drag Luol Deng to court

Cracks at basketball court as officials drag Luol Deng to court
South Sudan Basketball Federation President Luol Deng (photo credit: courtesy)

​The two suspended officials of the South Sudan Basketball Federation (SSBF) have filed a defamation case against President Luol Deng.

The two, Marier Anyuat and Deng Biar Deng, through their lawyer, Ajak Aling Duol, filed the case at Juba’s Northern Police station.

Luol had on August 30 threatened to step down if the two suspended officials were cleared of any wrongdoing, by an investigative committee.

They were suspended on July 5, via a letter signed by Luol who accused them of “violation of the integrity of the game, insubordination and bringing the name of the country into disrepute.”

But according to Marier, these allegations seriously injured their reputation adding that the investigating committee is yet to deliver any verdict.

“He put up a committee to investigate us over allegations that he can’t justify and just left it [the case] like that. I have filed a defamation case against him,” Marier, the suspended Secretary General, told City Sports.

Biar, the finance secretary-general, also filed a joint case while threatening to expose clandestine financial dealings at the now embattled federation that could be ripped apart by internal wrangles.

“I have a name to protect. Don’t be surprised if I bring charges of financial mismanagement. SSBF also reserves the right to pursue legal action,“ Biar said at a press conference on September 23.

The duo has maintained that they are still legally in office, adding that Luol has no power to suspend an elected official.

“There is only one body – the General Assembly – that can do that,” Marier said when he addressed the press at the federation’s registered address at City Mall, Hai Malakal – Juba.

“He cannot suspend us. The president can only file a claim with the General Assembly!

“I want South Sudanese to know that the federation is working. The SSBF is active. That’s why we are here. “

The three were elected on November 27, 2019, to a 10-year term.