Crackdown on illegal guns intensifies in Bor

Crackdown on illegal guns intensifies in Bor
Illegal guns.

The authorities in Bor on Thursday commenced a crackdown targeting people who move with illegal guns in town.

This is part of the implementation of an order issued by the Mayor of Bor Municipal Council, Ateny Pech, last month prohibiting the possession of weapons and their display within the township.

In addition, machetes, spears and traditional fighting sticks were banned from the town.

“The people of Bor town were given a period to convey the message and now we have declared the crackdown…I move along the streets, nobody is moving with any guns or even the sticks,” Ateny said.

He said the crackdown would be implemented effectively because the security personnel have been reinforced with the necessary support.

According to the mayor, anyone who violates the order will be arrested and taken to court.

 “I have spent a long time here in Bor town before even becoming the mayor. I have seen people harming themselves with weapons including the guns.”

“Like last month people were shot at Pakwau area when they were just having dinner,” Ateny explained.

He said the incident prompted the authorities of Bor Municipal Council to ban the illegal movement of guns in the town.

A resident of Bock 3, Ajak Ayom, welcomed the crackdown saying the exercise will reduce crimes in town.

“At least the people are better off without guns in their hands,” he said.