CPE RESULTS: Jenifer Okello spoils boys’ party as council releases P8 results

CPE RESULTS: Jenifer Okello spoils boys’ party as council releases P8 results

​Only one girl made it in the top 10 of the best performing students who sat the 2021 South Sudan Certificate of Primary School Examinations.

Anyango Jenifer Okello is also the only student outside Jonglei State to have sneaked in the top ten.

Anyango, who sat her P8 exams at Royal Star in Central Equatoria State, got 474 marks, making her the best girl in the country.

The exam was dominated by private schools.

No public school produced a candidate in the top ten list that was shared by 15 students.

All the other candidates came from J​​onglei State.​​

Interestingly only three schools -Alfa junior Nursery Academy (Jonglei), St Andrew Junior Academy (Jonglei) and Royal Stars (Central Equattoria) produced the top ten students.

John Deng Anuei and Paul Mabior both of Alfa Junior Academy and Nicholas Abuk of St. Andrew Nursery Academy emerged as the best students.

They all scored 479 marks out of a possible 500.

“Nobody should be surprised that all the best schools are from private schools,” Martin Tako Moyi, Deputy Minister of General Education and Instruction said while announcing the results on Friday.

Despite Jonglei dominating the top ten with 14 out of 15 students, Unity State took the overall best performing state with a performance index score of 87.5 per cent.

Unity had registered 1717 students for the exams while Jonglei, which had 83.3 per cent index score, had 2459 students.

Great Pibor Administrative Area came in third place (77.8 per cent) followed by Warrap 5107 (76.6 pc) and Lake State with 75.8 pc index score.

Northern Bahr el Ghazal which had 4491 students was sixth (75.2 pc) followed by Central Equatoria State (74.2 pc).

Central Equatoria had the highest number of candidates – 15, 415 in total.

Eastern Equatoria (72.6 pc), Western Bahr el Ghazal (65.8), Western Equatoria (64.4), Rweng Administrative Area (62.7) and Abyei Administrative Area (61.6 per cent) took the last five positions in that order.

List of 10 students

Name –    Marks – School – State – Category

John Deng Anuei ——– 479 ——- (Alfa Jr Academy) ——– Jonglei ——— Private

Nicholas Abuk ——– 479 ——– (St. Andrew Academy) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Paul Mabior ——— 479 ­——— (Alfa Jr Academy) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Malier Alier ——— 476 ——— (Alfa Jr Academy) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Anyang John Akec ——— 475 ——— (Alfa Jr Academy) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Gai Bol Pial ——— 475 ——— (St Andrew Nursery) – Jonglei     – Private

Nial John Jop———- 475 ——— (St. Andrew nursery) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Anyango Jenifer Okello ——— 474 (Royal Star) ——— Central Equatoria ——— Private

Mabor Bon Mabiro ——— 474 ——— (St Andrew Nursery) ——— Jonglei ———Private

Michael Deng Ador ——— 474 ——— (St. Andrew Nursery) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Deng Galuak ——— 473 ——— (St. Andrew Nursery) ——— Jonglei——— Private

John Ayun Liet ———- 473 ——— (St. Andrew Nursery) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Jok Bior Jok ——— 473——— (St. Andrew Nursery) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Samuel Kur ——— 473 ——— (St. Andrew Nursery) ——— Jonglei ——— Private

Ton James Makuei ——— 473 ——— (Alfa Jr Academy) ——— Jonglei ——— Private