CPE Result: Top performing students speak

CPE Result: Top performing students speak
Nicodemus Abuk Yuong, a student from St. Andrew Primary School. [Chol Riak, The City Review]

Dressed in their uniforms and enjoying the glow of the sunny weather, the learners drawn from various schools in Jonglei State poured out in droves to celebrate the recently announced national examination results. 

Joining this group of young turks were the government officials from the state and the citizens who could not let the moment pass–they had to remember the victors of the released Certificate of Primary Education 2021 results.

John Deng Achijang the top national candidate with 479 marks is still coming to terms with his recently acquired status even though he maintains the the result was not a fluke.

“It is not a surprise to me that I am the best candidate. It is hard work that made me the best candidate in the whole country. I would also like to appreciate my parents for standing with me and supporting me since I began my primary school up to now,” Deng said.

Deng who sat her exams at Alpha Junior Academy, encouraged parents to send their children to school, adding that school is the key to a bright future.

Nicodemus Abuk — a candidate from St. Andrew Primary School who also 479 as the first candidate—expressed candidates in his words. 

Standing nearly six feet above the ground, Abuk gave the sullen face quite ironical to the achievements of the day; but his words painted a picture of a happy soul. 

Pupils from alpha Junior Academy. [Chol Riak, The City Review]

“I am so excited today, it is thorough the solid work that made me score 479 points in this national exams. I would also like to thank my parents, teachers and friends for they have stood with me through my studies,” Abuk said. 

Majok Makol, the parent Abuk said they had contributed a lot towards the victory of their son. He said the entire family had been so committed to supporting Abuk through his studies.

“We have been supporting Abuk in so many ways, when he came home, we didn’t give him any housework. Whenever he came back from school, he could take his lunch and go to his house for revision and later go for refreshment,” Makol said. 

Makol said Abuk’s performance was not a surprise to the family adding that he had been performing well since he was in lower primary.

“It was not a surprise since he was in Yom-chiir Primary School he was doing well. So, we all knew that he would one day make us proud and this is the day that we have been waiting for,” Makol added.

Speaking during the celebration, the Deputy Governor who now acts as the sitting governor of Jonglei State, Jacob Akech Dengdit, applauded the candidates for making the state proud.

 “Congratulations to you the pupils who made us proud today. Congratulations to the teachers who mentored you, and congratulations to the parents who have nurtured you; took care of you and made sure you wake up in the morning and go to school,” Akech said.

He encouraged the pupils to always work hard for their success and that of the nation.

“We would like get time to come to you as the state government including the state minister of education,” Akech said. 

Nicodemus Abuk Yuong, a student from St. Andrew primary School standing with his high school teacher Jacob Nhial. [Chol Riak, The City Review]

Key to success

Moses Ghai Mayen, a teacher at Alpha Junior Academy, said they were happy about the ‘harvest’ of what they have been doing in the last few years. 

“We are nurturing these children to become good people in the future and it is our collective responsibility as teachers in Jonglei state and South Sudan at large. These are the fruits of what we have been doing,” Ghai said.

However, Ghai encouraged other schools including public schools in Jonglei State saying the good performance of the state was not only for Alpha Junior or St. Andrew.

Kuer Barach John, Deputy head teacher of St. Andrew Primary School said his school has remained the best performing one for the past years.

“This is not the first time for St. Andrew to gain this victory, in the years 2017, 2020 and this year also 2022. So, the message to all the parents and learners is to provide quality services to build the quality students,” Barach said.

He urged his colleagues to put aside money and concentrate on building the future generation. 

“In whatever you do you must have your mission and you have to follow your mission as we stated as St. Andrew. We said, “we read to lead the nation” that is our vision and we proved it Barach added.