Court case slows down opening date at Kampala University

Court case slows down opening date at Kampala University
A section of South Sudanese students pitching camp at Kampala University main campus over graduation drama. [Photo: Sheila Ponnie]

​Kampala University – Juba Campus, has extended the opening date by a week pending the determination of a court case pitting the administration and a section of students.

“This serves to inform the entire Kampala University College, Juba Fraternity that the date for the opening of the new semester has been pushed to 22nd August 2022,” University’s Academic Registrar, John Eluga said in a memo.

Kampala University was dragged to court by students who were denied a chance to graduate in June, 2022.

“The reason for the extension of the date for opening is to give ourselves room to strategically wait for the court verdict due on 17th August 2022.”

Eluga assured continuing students that their interests were already sorted out as far as the court case is concerned and the verdict will determine when the college reopens.

“It must be noted that the court shall be of some influence to our strategic rational decision and as such, it will give a sense of direction to our already grounded plans.

“We take this opportunity to inform the entire KUCJ fraternity that the management and staff of the University is firm and has done all necessary measures to cater and safeguard all students’ interest, the court verdict notwithstanding,” he concluded.