Cool B: I am not dating Neetah Baby

Cool B: I am not dating Neetah Baby

South Sudanese crooner Daniel Ater Ater, better known by his stage name ‘Cool B’ has been ruling the airwaves for over a decade now. In this one-on-one interview with SARAH OSMAN, he speaks about his recent controversial arrest by authorities in Rumbek, why he is not dating fellow musician Neetah Baby despite rumours that have been rife of late, and his impending album launch.

Sarah: Who is Cool B?

Cool B: Cool B is a South Sudanese award winning legendary artist that represents the flag – regionally and internationally through my music. I am a loving person. I love networking, meeting new people and sharing ideas and brainstorm.

Cool B is also a father of five boys and one girl and they are the main reason I work tirelessly for their future.

Sarah: How about your education?

Cool B: My education story is a bit long and winding. I started at Bar Aliab Primary school in Rumbek East before my family left for Arua District in northern Uganda. That is where I did my primary education at Uganda Martyrs.

My talent in soccer was a saving grace because of the challenge of raising school fees. So, I got a football bursary from Senior 1 to 4 at St Mbuga Vocational Secondary School, then joined Kampala Media Institute for 2 years, studying a certificate course in Mass Communication.

Sarah: So you wanted to be a journalist?

Cool B: Yeah. That is true. I later enrolled for undergraduate degree in journalism at the Juba University. Unfortunately I did not complete my studies because of lack of fees. I’m willing to go back to school and complete my bachelor’s degree, like right away.

Sarah: So at what point did this music thing come up?

Cool B: I started singing since I was a small boy. Let’s just say this was talent. By the time I clocked 10, I was already singing for our guests and family members. I officially recorded my first song in 2009 when I was in school back in Uganda, Kampala.

Sarah: Your love and admiration for Ugandan artiste Bobi Wine is not secret. Is he your source of inspiration?

Cool B: Not really. Actually I have heard a lot of people say that we have some few things in common. On the contrary, I have been looking up to my late brother Moze Radio. We also have Burner Boy of Nigeria, Tiwa Savage and the Legendary 2Baba.

Sarah: Tell us about Sweetlyfe Production company you started some years back and how it is doing right now.

Cool B: Sweetlyfe Empire was founded in 2012 under difficult circumstances. I had broken away from Peace and Love Crew and I was on my way to becoming independt eventually and to start signing my own artistes. So far I have five artistes namely: Mary Denato, Viva, Fizzy, Manizo, Flex Montana and Treaker.

Sarah: Social media was recently awash with allegations that you and Neetah Baby are seeing each other. Is this true, or just another rumor that is characteristic of showbiz industry?

Cool B: Nothing can be further from the truth. To be honest, between Neetah Baibe and I is strictly business but unfortunately people will always have their own fantasy stories. Entertainment is business and we are in business. Nothing else.

Sarah: You recently got arrested in Rumbek on allegations of defamation. What exactly happened? How was this resolved?

Cool B:  In life, there are several challenges here and obstacles there. Our paths are not exactly paved with roses. I was arrested because I was fighting for my rights and those in the music industry. The promoter was wrong and even after arresting me, I stand by the truth until justice for our music industry prevails.

Thanks to those who chose to look at the whole situation objectively. I should say that whoever gets into trouble should always stand by the truth no matter how much you get condemned because it will one day set them free.

Sarah: As a versatile, award winning artist, producer and activist, how do you juggle between these demands?

Cool B: I have a personal diary. That is all. I plan, and then it directs me on what to do when and where. I schedule when to do my music programs and personal or family times.

Sarah: What’s next for Cool B?

Cool B: I am going to launch a new album and finally and I’m convinced that am an ancestor in the music fraternity. A living ancestor at that. I also want to aspire for presidency of the music federation at the international level.

I feel like I want to walk my walk of purity and purpose of my music career.  

Sarah: Any message to the arts fraternity?

Cool B: I would like to tell the fraternity to never let the ups and downs along the way stop you from doing what is meant for you. Keep hustling today and enjoy the fruits of your labor tomorrow. Never ever give up and believe you will definitely make it and achieve more.