Commissioner shed light on Adidhang attack

Commissioner shed light on Adidhang  attack
Brig. Gen. William Gatjiath Deng, SPLM-IO Spokesman for Kitgwang faction (photo credit: courtesy)

The Upper Nile State government said two people lost their lives in the battle between Agwelek and Kit-kuang forces.

Alternative reports indicate that more than 300 people were caught in crossfire when two rebel factions clashed near Adidhang camp, in Panykiang County.

Panykiang County Commissioner Mustafa Lual Gai, said that the late evening attack left several people homeless.

“Gatwech forces attacked the Adidhang camp, in which a large number of citizens were displaced from the conflict areas in Tonga. A large number of them have fled to different areas,” said the commissioner.

“The information I have so far is that two people died and not 300 as has been reported in other media.

“And three others were injured,” added Gai.

Mustafa indicated that the situation is still tense in the area, making it extremely difficult for humanitarian agencies to provide any assistance.