Come back home, President Kiir pleads with Cirilo, Pagan

Come back home, President Kiir pleads with Cirilo, Pagan
President Salva Kiir Mayardit. [Photo: Courtesy]

​President Salva Kiir has once again extended amnesty for holdout groups to come back to the country and join the peace process.

Kiir on Thursday, August 4, personally appealed to the leader of  Real SPLM – Pagan Amum and National Salvation Front (NAS) commander, Thomas Cirilo, to accept the ceasefire and return to the country to give their input into transitioning the country to democracy.
“Others, like myself, spent their entire lives struggling for the dignity of the South Sudanese people. I close this message by calling on two of them [ Pagan and Cirilo], in particular, to come back to South Sudan and collaborate with us in creating conditions for a complete political transition from war to lasting peace,” said the president.

President Kiir was addressing top government officials at Freedom Hall where the parties to the revitalised peace agreement agreed to extend the term of transitional government by 24 months.

“Comrades Amum and Cirilo should come back home and join hands with us in Juba, like the other comrades have. We were together in the liberation, and while we have differed, we need them to join us now to set history on a correct course.”

The head of state acknowledged that the government was yet to be deserving to citizens, but it was better than war.

“While we deliver this message, with heavy hearts, we nevertheless have clear minds. We know this transitional government is not what you deserve but it is better than war,” he added.

The First Vice President, Dr Riek Macha disclosed that Cirilo had promised that he would adopt his hardline stance only when the peace agreement was fully implemented.

“I recall at the initiation of peace talks in Rome, I had a discussion with [Thomas] Cirilo after the president left and I remained behind. I persuaded him to come back, but he said, since you are committed to the agreement, if you implement it, (I) will have no reason to continue being a holdout group,” Dr Machar stated in his speech.

The First Vice President noted that the peace agreement had the root causes of the conflict addressed in it.

“I believe he kept repeating it to our delegation that went to Rome that he has no agenda if this peace agreement is implemented. All the solutions, the root causes of the conflict, are addressed in this agreement.”

SSOMA parties, which include Real SPLM and South Sudan United Front/Army (SSUF/A) of Paul Malong, will be included in Ceasefire and Transitional Security Arrangement Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM) in August 15, 2022.
This came at the closing ceremony of CTSAMVM workshop held in Rome at the end of June 2022.

In July 2022, the Military Spokesperson of SSUF/A, Col Philip Deng Kuol Nguot, said the SSOMA and CTSAMVM teams were expected to arrive in Juba for security talks before August 1, 2022.