Close to 4 million targeted in second round of Covid vaccination

Close to 4 million targeted in second round of Covid vaccination

​The government is targeting to inoculate close to four million people in the second round of the vaccination drives.

The exercise kicked off over the weekend with the ministry of health targeting at least 3.9 million people.

Vice President for Service Cluster Hussein Abdelbagi and other top government officials received their second shots and boosters as a sign of instilling confidence and uptake among the population.

 The National Minister of Health Yolanda Awel Deng called upon South Sudanese to take advantage of the next phase of vaccination and get themselves inoculated.

“The vaccine is safe and effective for all South Sudanese. Get vaccinated, and tell your family and friends to do the same,” Deng advised.

The government said they will only give Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

According to the statement, South Sudan’s vaccination coverage remains low, and the countrywide campaign aims to reach the 70% target.

Over the next three months, teams of health professionals and community mobilizers would work across 80 counties to engage leaders and communities in order to administer COVID-19 vaccines to all people above the age of 18.

The provision of COVID-19 vaccines to the people of South Sudan, according to Dr Fabian Ndenzako, WHO Representative for South Sudan, “contributes to the equitable access to vaccines that is required to effectively respond to this pandemic,” he said.

Floods and violence in some parts of the country have impeded COVID-19 and regular childhood vaccine deployment efforts, as well as access to healthcare services, raising the risks of social isolation, especially for those living in remote, conflict-affected areas.

“Our unique partnership with the World Bank and the Ministry of Health allows UNICEF to reach women and children in some of the hardest-to-reach communities in South Sudan and provide critical access to basic health services, and ​​ensure COVID-19 vaccination coverage – enabling their right to survival and health,” UNICEF Representative in South Sudan Hamida Lasseko said.